When we say advertisement you should not think about internet ads. Ads that overlap the actual content are pretty annoying. Dailygraph is about delivering ads that are very similar to print. We let you place beautiful, full page, magazine-like and text based ads on Dailygraph. Since our advertising is optimized for tablets and based on our algorithm, it performs much better than traditional internet ads. It is easy to manage and easy to use. "DailyAds" are enriched with geolocation, social sharing as well as video and are based on the readers engagement.

You can try it for free in our beta! Contact us.


It looks incredible!

Provide customers and your target group with the most beautiful advertising the digital world has ever seen by connecting the beauty of print and the possibilities of social media on a tablet.



Deploy instantly

Advertising on Dailygraph is pretty easy. Define your budget, time frame and target group and choose text or picture based advertisement. It is that easy!



100% measurable

Because Dailygraph is web based, your ads are 100% measurable. We track every engagement point such as reading an article and its reading duration, watching a video, ad click or view, location and time.